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The Corporate History of Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL) is imprinted with the pioneering spirit, creative drive and commercial acumen of famous inventors, brilliant engineers and enterprising businessmen, who participated in its making and dramatically shaped its destiny.

A Leader...
A pioneering leader with almost 60 years of experience and expertise in the management and application of Electric Energy and noticeable presence in Electronics & Telecom, CGL is extensively engaged in manufacturing and marketing operations, offering an incredible portfolio of products and services.
CGL is professionally managed to create and capitalize growth opportunities. 
Building on its strong manufacturing and marketing roots, CGL has grown from a single unit making AC Industrial Motors and Ceiling Fans to a multi-dimensional corporation with business interests in many product areas including Transformers, Motors, Switchgears, Control Panel Accessories, Water Pumps, Electronic and Telecom Equipments and Services. With its 28 manufacturing plants and countrywide marketing and support network, CGL effectively provides value to its customers. 
Growth Strategy
CGL has over the years pursued its electrifying objectives through a sharply focused growth strategy. It recognizes Total Quality Management (TQM) as a vehicle to achieve excellence in all its business operations. CGL understands that Technology and Business Processes are two pillars of a successful Enterprise. Not only it focuses on Order-fulfillment Processes but also promotes an R&D culture of self reliance, leveraging the best skills and resources to maintain its competitive advantage. CGL realizes that customers not only care about technologies but also the real business benefits. Hence it follows the imperative. Exploit the technologies to maximize convenience of the customers.

The Organization
CGL’s business operations are organized under four Strategic Business Units (SBUs). Each SBU is a conglomerate of many product divisions.

CG-Power Systems
This SBU includes many product divisions including Transformers, Switchgears, LT Control Gears and Engineering Projects. 
CGL is one of the big players world-wide to design and manufacture all types of transformers. The largest private sector manufacturer of transformers in India, CGL offers the widest range of Power & Distribution Transformers and Reactors in all ratings with voltages upto 500 kV Class to fulfill the specific demands and load conditions of power stations , industrial , rural, urban, and domestic applications. 
CGL offers the widest range of Switchgear including the smallest of MCB’s to large 400 kV SF6 breakers. The comprehensive Portfolio is specially configured to meet the requirements of electrical substations for the effective measurements, control and management of power in utility, industrial, urban, and rural installations. The product range includes Air Circuit Breakers, Oil Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Circuit Breakers, SF6 Circuit Breakers, Instrument Transformers, Bushings, Online Tap Changers, Capacitors. 
Engineering Projects Division
Multiplexing the Company’s wide-ranging capabilities, the Engineering Projects Division undertakes turnkey projects from concept to commissioning, for generating stations, substations, transmission and distribution lines, industrial complexes, railway traction, illumination systems and for many more applications.

CG - Industrial Systems
Motors, Pumps, Drives, Generators, Rail Products
A leader in Drive Technology for over 50 year, CGL manufactures the largest variety of AC and DC Motors in India. Ranging from 7.5 W to 6,000 kW, these motors are offered in various standard and customized configurations. With a strong emphasis on application engineering, CGL motors are ruggedly built to supply motive power under the most demanding ambient conditions in industrial, agricultural and domestic applications.

The product range includes HT Motors, LT Motors, FHP Motors, Flame Proof Motors, Cyclo-geared Motors, Advanced Variable Speed Drive Systems with motor controller package, DC Motors, Traction Motors, HT and LT AC generators etc.

CG - Consumer Products
This SBU includes all types Fans, Home Appliances, and Lighting Products. 
For over 50 years, CGL has been circulating the breezy reality of cool comfort at home and in the workplace. Engineered for lasting comfort, these fans range beyond the ordinary, making a stylish statement of airy purpose in fashionable waves of elegance and colour. 
Home Appliances
CGL markets a wide range of household appliances such as Food Processors, Mini Grinders, Electric Ovens, Automatic Electric Cookers, Pop-up and Sandwich Toasters, Mini Geysers and many more. 
Lighting and Luminaires Products
In the field of artificial illumination, CGL offers a broad spectrum of functional and decorative lamps, luminaires, and lighting systems designed for visual comfort in all types of indoor and outdoor environments. The products include GLS Lamps, Fluorescent Tubelights, Mercury Vapour Lamps, High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, General and Special Purpose Industrial , Commercial Streetlight, and Floodlight Luminaires, Post-top Lanterns, Domestic Luminaires, Dicro Display Spotlights, Minilite Luminaires, High Mast Lighting, accessories such as Control Gear Box and Electronic Ballast etc. 
CG - International
CG International, a specialized Division of Crompton Greaves, spearheads the Export thrust for in-house manufactured standard distribution oriented products, as well as other outsourced synergistic products.
The product portfolio includes all types of domestic and industrial fans, a wide spectrum of general and special purpose Lamps; Motors and Pumps for industrial, domestic and agricultural applications and a complete range of products and accessories for LT panels. These quality products, backed by the Global Seal of relevant International Certifications and Listing including VDE, UL, CSA, SAA, wide range, cost effective production and contemporary designs, are preferred by Trade, Industry and utilities all over the world.
For reaching distribution networks have fuelled exports all over the world - Australasia, the America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Key Benefits

  • High Quality
  • Robust Construction
  • Efficient Design
  • Cost Effective


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