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EXCITOR Vibratory Motors

EXCITOR Vibratory Motors are not newcomers to industry, having manufactured Vibratory Motors locally in South Africa for over 18 years, with hundreds of motors operating in the field, with excellent performance on a wide range of applications such as - Vibratory Feeders, Vibrating Screens, Vibrating Conveyors, Shake Outs, Vibrating Tables, Bin Dischargers, Brick Making Machines or other Vibrating Equipment to maintain the flow of bulk materials from bins, silos, steel chutes and for compaction.

A wide range of standard EXCITOR Motors are available as well as special designs to accept other mounting holes. EXCITOR Vibrator Motors, designed to offer long life, maintenance free operation, in the use of high load rated bearings to ensure a high acceptable B10 life. EXCITOR Motors have Large diameter shafts where the eccentric masses are located to eliminate any stress or shaft deflection during Operation.

EXCITOR Vibrator Motors are housed in specially designed robust castings of SG Iron up to and including frame size 200, larger motors are fabricated and barrel welded which is stress relieved prior to machining.

EXCITOR Vibrator Motors make use of Sliumin high resistance die cast rotors for high torque capability and stator packs of insulated low loss high resistance steel.

Lubrication of the EXCITOR Vibrator Motors has received special attention from the designers and research and development resulted in the use of Specially selected Grease which is pre packed into the bearings. This superb multi purpose grease results in economic benefits such as cost savings, reduced work rated and most important, and the reduction of error by the use of incorrect grade. Specially Selected Grease is water resistant, can repel water and act as a seal for bearings exposed to hard working conditions. With dropping point of 260 Degrees Celsius in application in excess of 200 Degrees Celsius, the product has excellent pump ability in addition to enduring shock loadings. The mechanical stability of the grease ensures the grease will not soften and run out. These motors are extremely quiet when running.

EXCITOR Standard Vibratory Motors range from 100 Watts to 22 kW units. These are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 Pole with either 380 or 525 Volts, Three Phase / 50 Hz.

EXCITOR produces Non Standard Vibratory Motors, they are fabricated with mounting holes to suit special applications; these units are made to customers request.



Key Benefits

  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • A High Quality Product produced in South Africa
  • Non Standard EXCITOR Motors fabricated on request
  • Reliability
  • Specially designed to suit local Operating Conditions


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