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Legendary Quality from the SEVER Group.

The SEVER Corporation is one of the oldest producers of Rotating Electric Equipment in Europe. Established in 1923, SEVER has earned the reputation for designing and manufacturing High quality products to meet the demanding requirements of diversified markets world-wide.

SEVER has offices and manufacturing facilities in various countries, including Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Greece and the United States, to name but a few. SEVER Employs over 5500 highly skilled workers world-wide, which gives them an edge in competitive world markets.

SEVER presently designs and manufactures a wide range of Premium Quality Products, including Electric Motors, Motor Controls, Pumps, Power Generation Equipment,Automated Processing Systems Products. The fastest growth has come from the Electric Motor division, due to the high global demand for SEVER products, which are known for their performance, durability and efficiency.

The SEVER group is dedicated to continue designing and developing a new generation of products to maintain its place among the world leaders in the electric motor and control industry. The goal is to offer the highest quality products focused on setting new standards in the industry.

Key Benefits

  • High Quality
  • Performance / Durability / Efficiency
  • Delivery
  • Pricing


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